Successful companies don’t standstill. Whatever your next step, our transactional practices will help you achieve your goal with our experience and expertise. We work as your real advocate and get the transaction done.

1. Commercial

We place great emphasis on nurturing long-standing relationships with clients. However complex the matter, we always focus on providing you with practical, succinct and commercial advice. Think of us as your business advisers with legal expertise.

2. M&A and Investment

Whether strategically furthering growth or pursuing an investment opportunity, corporate and M&A activity is one of the most significant, complex and high-pressured processes for any company. Enthusiastic about developing a thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses, we provide all parties to a transaction with informed legal advice to help them achieve their goals.



Despite your efforts, a business doesn’t always remain amicable. When you’re facing an unpleasant turn of events and getting into a dispute, we offer solutions that help you take control of the narrative.

1. Corporate and Commercial Litigation

We have the experience and strong appetite to put those interests of our clients first. No matter how complex or hard-fought the litigation, we have the expertise and resources to take control of the agenda to achieve your objectives. We take pride in our tenaciousness, resilience, and fortitude to thrive under pressure.

2. Arbitration

We have rich experience in representing our clients on arbitration at the Japan Commercial Arbitration Association. If your contract dictates you to resolve a dispute through arbitration in Japan, we are definitely your go-to lawyers.



We believe that routine affairs are equally important as transformational corporate decision makings. We are committed to build long-term relationships with our clients and be there for them at every step.

1. Corporate

Navigating legal and regulatory obligations can be daunting, particularly in a fast-changing landscape. From directors’ duties through to wider matters of corporate governance, we advise on the specific obligations relevant to each individual situation. Our ongoing corporate support to both listed and private clients, and their group companies draw on specialist advice from practice areas resulting in a consistent multi-disciplinary approach.

2. Commercial Law

We advise our clients on the risks and opportunities that lie within existing contracts, which span liability, scope, exclusivity and termination triggers. The range of sectors in which we have acquired specialist knowledge makes us one of a kind.

The technical expertise we have is complemented by an ability to provide agile, creative and prompt solutions to your most demanding commercial law issues. Because we routinely draft and negotiate commercial contracts, we are extremely well-positioned to analyze and apply existing contract terms. And as we do this across a variety of sectors, we can apply lessons learned from complex contracts in one sector to relevant issues you face in your own.



Our regulatory practices guide you through every step with clear and practical advice, designed to minimize risk and keep your business on track.

1. Data Protection

Our clients want guidance and reassurance that they are complying with the relevant data protection law for their business. Businesses value privacy and the data that is entrusted to them – but at the same time, they need to ensure that they can use data to deliver their own business interests. For these reasons (and the fact that regulators can now levy very large fines), data protection is now a critical issue.

We advise on all aspects of privacy compliance throughout a variety of sectors, breaking down the law into easy-to-understand, practical advice.

2. Competition

We have expertise in advising on the competition and regulatory implications of mergers and acquisitions, as well as the full range of behavioral Japanese competition matters (abuse of dominance, cartels and other restrictive agreements, including regularly providing compliance advice).