Reika Saito


Lawyer at Tokyo Bar (initially admitted in 2007)

Educated at Kyoto University, Reika Saito was admitted to the Tokyo Bar in 2007 and started her career at a law firm in Tokyo, Ogasawara. She later joined the International Legal Bureau of Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and dealt with assignments related to Energy Charter Treaty, International Renewable Energy Agency, and various international agreements under the WTO framework.

After this experience, she got back in Ogasawara and heavily engaged in cross-border commercial and corporate transactions, representing both the Japanese and foreign nationals from multiple countries.

From 2012 to 2017, she was stationed first in Tel Aviv and then in Cairo, and continuedly practiced law through assisting foreign corporations and nationals in establishing business relationships with or in resolving disputes against their Japanese counterparts. During this period of time, she horned her command of the Hebrew and Arabic language and obtained an LL.M. degree in intellectual property law from Tel Aviv University School of Law.

Since she returned to Japan, she has vigorously and extensively handled cross-border dispute resolutions and commercial and corporate transactions, making the most of her unique experience and precious network gained through living in the Middle East for 5 years.


Working languages

Japanese, English.



Truly believing that opening-up for more diversity is an inevitable path for Japan’s survival, we passionately devote ourselves to each opportunity that may realize it.

The Japanese market is still closed and protected by multiple layers of the barrier, which typically include the societal predominance of Japanese language and Japanese national idiosyncrasies.

We take pride in our capacity to verbalize what lies beneath the challenges and difficulties you face when you deal with the Japanese counterparts, which I believe you will find valuable.

It is my sincere hope to be a help for foreign corporations and nationals trying to embark on Japan and for those in Japan hoping to venture out to overseas.


I am very much looking forward to working with you!            -Reika Saito